A musical adventure for 3-4 year olds


Building on the success of BabyO and SensoryO, our much-loved productions for babies and toddlers, Scottish Opera’s new show for 3-4 year olds and their carers is fast paced and full of fun. Directed by acclaimed children’s theatre director Lu Kemp, and with music by early years specialist Neil Johnson, KidO leads audiences into a world of sound and rhythm where anything can happen.


Encouraging play and make-believe, KidO takes the infinite possibilities of a cardboard box and a healthy dose of imagination and makes the everyday extraordinary. The show features a mix of live and recorded singing, opera and specially written music. It uses vocal and body percussion to create exciting rhythms that morph into counting games and build up words in the blink of an eye. KidO also plays with the rules of going to the theatre in a tongue-in-cheek guide to what to do when. It all provides an inviting and lively introduction to the worlds of live performance and opera. 


KidO will be touring Scotland in Spring/Summer 2015. More information coming soon!


Music Neil Johnson
Director Lu Kemp
Designer Ali Maclaurin
Devised with Darren Abrahams,
Neil Johnson, Lu Kemp, Ali Maclaurin,
Frances Morrison-Allen & Stuart Semple

Running time 45 mins approximately